Changing one person’s life can have an enormous impact

Our programmes are designed to create sustainable positive change in the lives of individuals, which is why our partners work holistically to address individual needs and barriers. We recognise that in supporting one person to thrive, many more lives are transformed as a result. We call this the Ripple Effect.

Through our programmes, participants gain skills, confidence, improved wellbeing, and are given guidance on how to make purposeful changes in their lives. We acknowledge that for many, this path is not linear, and each person’s journey looks different.

We have heard stories of participants who have become better parents, who become financially independent and are able to support their families, who no longer need to access NHS services due to feeling they are able to survive on their own, who no longer have suicidal thoughts and have created lives that are fulfilling and satisfying.

Recent Case Studies

These inspirational short stories demonstrate the high level of impact our projects have on real people’s lives in York, North Yorkshire and the East Riding.


Action Towards Inclusion - Working for Health

Action Towards Inclusion - Working for Health

Working for Health are a Keyworker on the ATI Programme. They offer mental health and employment support across East Riding.

In this video we hear Glen’s story. Glen started off as a participant on the programme and has since become a keyworker supporting others to get the help they need.

This video was created in collaboration with filmmakers Inspired Youth

Action Towards Inclusion - Selby District AVS

Action Towards Inclusion - Selby District AVS

Selby District AVS are a Keyworker on the ATI Programme, they support people across the district to transform their lives.

In this video you will hear Jimmy’s story. Jimmy began the ATI Programme in a very dark place, struggling with his anger. After meeting his keyworker Chris, his life changed.

This video was made in collaboration with Inspired Youth

Thriving at Work - Autism Plus

Thriving at Work - Autism Plus

This case study is about some of the lovely staff at The Blue Dolphin Holiday Park.

Angela contacted Thriving at Work partner Autism Plus as she had neurodiverse team members and wanted to make sure that she was supporting them as best as she could.

We hear about some of the adjustments that the team have made to routines, tasks, and recruitment to make it more accessible for neurodiverse people.

Action Towards Inclusion - Carrie's Story

Action Towards Inclusion - Carrie's Story

Carrie is a recent participant on Action Towards Inclusion – a dynamic programme across York, North Yorkshire and the East Riding supporting people into work, training and volunteering.

Carrie faced a number of challenges but has made fantastic progress through taking part in the programme. Action Towards Inclusion is funded by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery Community Fund and managed by Better Connect.

Kickstart - Katie's Story

Kickstart - Katie's Story

This short video features Katie – a new Kickstart staff member working for Pioneer Projects in North Yorkshire.

Kickstart provides real job placements for young people aged 16–24 currently claiming Universal Credit, to gain experience, skills, and confidence.

Action Towards Inclusion - Mick's Story

Action Towards Inclusion - Mick's Story

Mick is a recent participant on Action Towards Inclusion – a dynamic programme across York, North Yorkshire and the East Riding supporting people into work, training and volunteering.

He has wide ranging work experience and Action Towards Inclusion has helped him increase his confidence, IT skills and move on in his life.

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“My life looks pretty awesome right now, obviously I wasn’t myself when I first got in touch with Leanne (Keyworker), but since then she’s helped me massively, she even took me under the wing; I now feel like I’m able to leave the nest- like I was one of her kids and now I’m able to fly again”

— Ashley, Thriving at Work Participant

“(ATI) Provided me with insight into my own needs and support for my autism-caused social and emotional issues, helped me to believe that I have value and deserve to succeed in life. Provided a space where I could safely "be autistic" and still feel supported”

— Former Participant on ATI

“Before I went on ATI, I was just a loose cannon, never got on in life, angry all the time. I was going from job to job working my way up and then the anger would take over and I’d lose the job, everywhere I went before, nothing really helped.. Now look, I've got my own business!”

— Jimmy, ATI Participant

“The transformation has been nothing short of mind-blowing, the way I interact with people, the way I can live my life differently. I became employable, I could speak with people, engage with people, and the biggest part of my journey is that I’m helping others that was in the position I was in before”

— Glen, ATI Participant and Keyworker

“"The difference I’ve seen for people has been so humbling, so overwhelming at times, but so phenomenal to see what people can
achieve with the right combination of support"”

— Keyworker on ATI

“WOW – working with Better Connect has always been an exhilarating experience. I can only describe my work with Better Connect as a “decade of opportunities” from ATI to ESF to Kickstart and TEWV. A funder who embraces our shared values enabling the people we support to benefit from so many life changing opportunities.
SDAVS continues to be committed to supporting the needs of the communities we support. Working with Better Connect is always a pleasure, combining a positive work ethic, inclusive delivery style, and open communication at all times. This has ensured that our shared aspirations can be achieved, with so many individuals assisted to succeed.
May the opportunities continue!”

— Chris Hailey-Norris, Chief Officer, Selby District AVS

“Better Connect is a fantastic organisation with a diverse, accessible and person led ethos. They are incredibly supportive and provide an invaluable bridge between organisations and funders, helping to maximise the potential of vital community-based projects throughout the county. They have enabled our organisation to expand and develop, as well as supporting us personally, as practitioners, to have the confidence, resources and backing, to dream big!”

— Emily Havercroft – Director of Making Things Happen

“Orb Community Enterprise has worked closely with Better Connect (previously Your Consortium) for many years now and it has been a very successful working arrangement. The staff are very approachable and responsive. They understand what Orb does and do their very best to accommodate the way we work – some funders are quite rigid in their requirements and negotiating flexibility isn’t always easy – but Better Connect do listen and are very supportive. 
Effectively they are a great team, and we enjoy working with them very much indeed!”

— Elizabeth Marshall Operations Manager – Orb Community Enterprise

“Rural Arts brings creativity to every community in North Yorkshire – and Better Connect (previously Your Consortium) are an important part of making that happen. We’ve partnered together on many projects, and Better Connect are always collaborative, supporting and trusting. They help us to deliver the best outcomes for our communities and work to be flexible about how we achieve this in a way that’s right for us, and our participants. Their team is knowledgeable, friendly, and passionate about what they do. Our partnerships with Better Connect are an important strategic driver, and the organisation is invaluable as a connector, contract manager and support body for the VCSE sector across North Yorkshire. ”

— Max May – Director and CEO of Rural Arts

“I am proud and excited to be moving forward with Better Connect as they step out, in their ever-increasing support, to reach some of the most vulnerable and isolated individuals across North Yorkshire.  Having worked very closely with them (under their former name of Your Consortium) since 2018, I cannot praise their work enough.  Their work with both individuals and partner organisations is exceptional; their vision is far-reaching and all-encompassing; their staff are helpful, knowledgeable, and prompt in their support.  As ever, this is Yorkshire at its best and I cannot think of any more appropriate way to ‘better connect’ with those who need it most.  Looking forward to many more years of working together as the organisation develops.”

— CJ Allison – Yorkshire Employability Manager – Resume Foundation

Our Impact Team

Our Impact Team is made up of creative individuals who share a passion in sharing and demonstrating the impact that our programmes are making. They do this through storytelling, social media, blog posts, events and collecting/understanding data.

Get in touch with them if you would like to help us raise awareness of the impact Better Connect and our Partners are making.

News and Updates

West Yorkshire Rise2Thrive Launch – Did you miss it?

Blog news item RISE Thriving at Work

  On Thursday 7th December, we ran a virtual launch for our new partnership offering Rise2Thrive West Yorkshire. If you missed out, check out the video below for information about Better Connect, what we do and how we do it and our vision for Rise2Thrive. If you are interested in applying, click here If you

Transformation, Empowerment and Social Change: Real Impact across Yorkshire

Action Towards Inclusion Blog Internal news item RISE Thriving at Work

  The Better Connect team are excited to officially launch our Impact Report! Back in July our Impact Team began the process of collaborating with Research Retold on bringing the impact of our projects, alongside our brand and story to life! We’re delighted to share the finished product with you (click below) Transformation, empowerment and

Better Connect(ions) – Peer Support Meeting Two

Blog Mental Health news item RISE

  A couple of weeks ago, Better Connect hosted the second Peer Support meeting for the RISE partnership. Held at the Wesley Centre in Harrogate (a known community-hub) it was a great second opportunity for our partners to network, trouble-shoot, and engage in a group art therapy session. With the Peer Support tool still in

New UKSPF Partnership Opportunity in West Yorkshire.. Apply now!

Blog news item RISE Thriving at Work

  We will be running an online event on the 7th December @ 9.30 to talk about Rise2Thrive and meet potential delivery partners, want to come along? Book online here  It’s an exciting time as we start to see the People & Skills funding opportunities under UKSPF for Year 3 (April 2024- March 25), which

Former ATI Participant ‘Sign with Sarah-Jade’ wins New Business of The Year Award 2023!

Action Towards Inclusion Blog news item RISE

  Today we’re celebrating Sarah-Jade, one of our former participants on ATI who has just gone on to win York Mix Radio’s New Business of The Year 2023 with her business ‘Sign with Sarah-Jade’! Sarah is a British Sign Language (BSL) teacher, who teaches a range of classes from babies to adults in York and

Better Connections- Wellbeing for Keyworkers

Blog Meet the Team Mental Health news item RISE Thriving at Work Wellbeing Resources

  This week, we’ve shared several posts covering the impact of our former Thriving at Work programme in honour of International Happiness at Work Week, and today, we’re spotlighting our keyworkers & partners as we begin to focus more heavily on supporting their happiness at work. After several discussions about keyworker challenges, the team came

Rise 2 Thrive – New Partnership Opportunity for North Yorkshire

Action Towards Inclusion news item RISE Thriving at Work

  It’s an exciting time as we start to see the People & Skills funding opportunities under UKSPF for Year 3 (April 2024-25), which will be released by various Local Authorities in the coming weeks! After the success of our RISE and Thriving at Work programmes, Better Connect are excited to announce we will be

Our Multiply Team Updates!

Blog Internal Meet the Team multiply news item

  What have the team been up to? Our Multiply team have had an exciting few months managing Multiply and connecting with our wonderful partners. Formerly both part of our ATI team, Christine and Sophia have been keen to get stuck into a new venture and have a hand in making maths accessible. They’ve represented

Literacy Day- Our Team’s Favourite Books

Blog Internal Meet the Team multiply news item RISE Wellbeing Resources

  In a reading slump? In honour of International Literacy Day, today we’re sharing some of our favourite books with you from across the Better Connect Team! Literacy is an important part of life & learning globally. This year’s theme for Literacy Day is ‘Promoting literacy for a world in transition: Building the foundation for sustainable

International Overdose Awareness Day – Joe’s Story

Blog Internal Mental Health news item

        The 31st August 2023 is International Overdose Awareness Day. Today, we share a deeply personal story from one of our team at Better Connect. Joe sadly lost his sister due to a drug overdose last year and wants to share his story in hope that it raises awareness, educates and helps

ATI Participant Stories- Louise, Laura & Katrina

Action Towards Inclusion Blog Mental Health news item RISE

  Following the publication of our recent Action Towards Inclusion (ATI) stats, today we’re celebrating three incredible women who took part in the project. Several months back, we had the opportunity to visit one of our partner organisations, Kyra Women’s Project, and speak to three women who were supported by them on ATI. Louise, Katrina

Celebrating ATI’s Accomplishments!

Action Towards Inclusion Blog news item

  Most of you will remember in April when we bid a final farewell to Action Towards Inclusion and planted (both literal and figurative) seeds for future projects. Since then, we’ve seen a few buds, launched RISE, Multiply has more or less entered year two of delivery, TAW has come to a close, and ATI’s

Balancing Policy, Process, and Parental Responsibilities- Starting Life as a Working Mum

Blog Internal Meet the Team news item Wellbeing Resources

        Debs, our Operations Manager (and in-house organization enthusiast), recently returned to work after having her son. She’s shared her experience with us, and some helpful insights along the way. It’s great to have you back Debs!  It’s a given that having a child completely turns your life upside down.  You know

“It’s easy to get into debt – but hard to get out” – Multiply Participant Stories

Blog multiply news item

  A few weeks back, we had the pleasure of visiting Multiply keyworker CJ Allison and his participants Dan and David as they battled through some budgets, talked financial self-advocacy, and discussed self-employment tips and tricks. Multiply is the government’s new multi-million-pound programme to help transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of adults across

Celebrating International Youth Day!

Blog news item RISE

    Saturday 12th August marks International Youth Day, and this year the theme is ‘Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World’. The United Nations define green skills as, ‘’knowledge, abilities, values and attitudes needed to live in, develop and support a sustainable and resource-efficient society’’. The UN report that 40% of all jobs

New Role – Business Development Manager!

Blog Internal news item

We are excited to announce that Emma is our new Business Development Manager at Better Connect! She will be working closely with the senior leadership team to find new funding and partnership programme opportunities that support organisations and people to thrive in their life and work. She will be working closely with existing and potential

Meet Team Impact!

Blog Internal Meet the Team news item

  We are excited to announce that we have a new Impact Team at Better Connect! Hannah and Laura will be responsible for understanding, demonstrating and showcasing the impact that Better Connect is having across its business, programmes and partnerships. Working closely with colleagues, partners, participants and stakeholders, they will be gathering information in a

A Successful RISE Programme Launch

news item RISE

  On Tuesday 18th July, we officially launched RISE– our latest project, with the help of our fantastic partnership and The Marketing Optimist. Hosted at The Balcony Sports Bar in Harrogate, the RISE Partnership came together for the first time to celebrate the launch, share successes, and collaborate on a peer support tool to keep

ATI Participant Stories – Ray

Action Towards Inclusion Blog news item

In honour of Mental Health Awareness week last month, we’re back with another participant story featuring Ray, Orb, a Dancing for Wellbeing class, and a Coordinator with two left feet. Ray joined Action Towards Inclusion (ATI) at the end of October 2021. I had the opportunity to meet with him several weeks ago to attend

Planting dreams, aspirations and hopes from the Action Towards Inclusion Programme

Action Towards Inclusion Blog news item

  Following the project’s end on 31st March this year, it’s finally time to say goodbye to Action Towards Inclusion, celebrate six successful years, and make good on our green-fingered promises here at Better Connect. Throughout ATI, our partnership has supported those furthest from the labour market traverse a range of barriers to employment and