Meeting Leyburn Community Arts

Meeting Leyburn Community Arts


Leyburn is known for its picturesque market town charm, stunning countryside views, and its location as the gateway to the Yorkshire Dales National Park. It is also the home to a fabulous organisation ‘Leyburn Community Arts & Community Centre’ who we had the pleasure of visiting last week and meeting with two of their trustee’s Jeannie and David.

The Community Centre is volunteer led and it was clear from the instant we were greeted that these volunteers have a huge passion for the local community, the centre and all that happens within it. Over coffee and biscuits we were told about all of the fantastic activities that happen in the centre, from Friday Cinema Club, Dance for all ages, Languages, Book Clubs, Walking Groups and so much more.

Leyburn Community Arts are also one of the 23 local ‘Community Anchor‘ organisations across York and North Yorkshire.

We were then given a tour of the building which is also referred to as The Old School House or TOSH, because of its former use as the RC school of St. Peter and St. Paul. There was lots of space for events and meetings as-well as a fully fitted dance studio upstairs. Outside there is a lovely garden and a huge shed! This shed is currently being renovated by the Community and will become the ‘Community Shed’ a space for people to come together, learn new skills and spend time together.









Both Jeannie and David were lovely, its incredible to meet volunteers who are so committed and passionate about helping their local community. They are superstars!

If you’re in Leyburn, or want to make a trip make sure you visit one of Leyburn Community Arts activities, especially their community cinema on a Friday night. Alternatively, if you are looking for a room to hire get in touch with them.

What a fabulous community organisation!

Hannah Prole

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