Closed for new delivery partners


Open for new participants


York and North Yorkshire


Economically Inactive participants and participants in work struggling with neurodiversity, physical health, mental health and disabilities.


March 2025

What is Rise2thrive?

Rise2Thrive is a support programme for adults in North Yorkshire and York who are currently out of work and have barriers to engaging with employment and/or training or are in work but need support to thrive*

Through the programme, individuals receive tailored 1-2-1 advice, mentoring and employability support, and have access to specific interventions designed to help break down barriers. This combination of support is designed to improve people’s health, confidence, skills, circumstances and ultimately their employability, moving them closer towards a position where they are thriving in their life and in work.

Rise2Thrive is funded by the UK government through the UK Shared Prosperity fund (UKSPF). The programme began mid-May 2024 and initially runs to the end of March 2025 with the possibility of continuation funding.

*individuals who are supported who are in work must be neurodiverse or have physical or mental health difficulties


How does it work?

Rise2Thrive is delivered through a partnership of community-based organisations spread across North Yorkshire and York, making access to the project simple and local.

The project uses a Keyworker and Intervention model. Interested participants initially arrange to meet with a Keyworker who discusses the project and checks eligibility and suitability. If the project is suitable, the Keyworker signs the participant up and becomes their main project mentor, providing them with tailored 1-2-1 support and mentoring for the whole time they remain on the programme. If specific barriers are identified, then Keyworkers can refer participants to access project interventions. Interventions cover a range of areas including; therapy and counselling, debt advice and financial support, housing support, wellbeing activities, basic skills and vocational training.

News and Updates

A Final Look- Celebrating The Impact of RISE

Blog Impact news item Research & Reports RISE Rise2Thrive

  At the end of April, delivery officially finished for our yearlong RISE programme, a programme headed by a partnership of 21 community-based organisations across York and North Yorkshire, and led by Better Connect. Lately, we’ve spoken a lot about qualitative impact- of the lives the programme has supported and, in some cases, transformed. We’ve

Luke’s Story on RISE

Blog Impact Mental Health news item RISE Rise2Thrive

        As part of our RISE celebration series and as we conclude the programme, today the focus is on Luke’s journey with RISE partner Foundation UK, and dedicated Selby & Harrogate based Keyworker, Joanna (Jo). Based across the North of England, Foundation UK have been working with care leavers, domestic abuse victims,

Launching SHINE ☀️

Blog Impact Mental Health news item SHINE Thriving at Work

  After the launch of Rise2Thrive last week, we’re doubly excited to share with you that we’ve been successful in securing another new partnership programme, SHINE (Supporting Health Interventions, Neurodiversity, and Employment), which will operate across East Riding! SHINE is funded via the Government’s UKSPF fund and distributed through The East Riding of Yorkshire’s Council.

Launching Rise2Thrive

Blog Impact news item RISE Rise2Thrive Thriving at Work

  We are excited to share with you that we have been successful at securing a new partnership programme across York and North Yorkshire, Rise2Thrive! Rise2Thrive is funded through the governments UKSPF fund, and distributed across North Yorkshire Council and City of York Council. What is Rise2Thrive? Building off the success from our previous programmes,

Up For RISE – Celebrating Up For Yorkshire & their RISE Participants!

Blog Impact Meet the Team Mental Health news item RISE

  Over the past few weeks, our Impact Team have been especially busy visiting our partners and listening to participant stories across our projects! This week we’re celebrating Selby’s Up For Yorkshire, having recently visited and facilitated a discussion with a few of their RISE participants. Spearheaded by a team of vibrant staff passionate about

Celebrating Go4it & The Impact of RISE

Blog Meet the Team Mental Health news item RISE

  At Better Connect, we want to celebrate our partners and the fantastic work they do across our programmes! Last week we had the pleasure of visiting the team at Go4It and spent the day with them learning more about their team, their stories and what they do. Scarborough based, Go4it are passionate about people

Community Fridges, Flexible Starts & Numeracy Support- How Blue Dolphin are Supporting Their Team Through Multiply

Blog Employer Engagement multiply news item Thriving at Work

  As part of the Multiply scheme, our Multiply partners are keen to engage with a range of businesses, big and small, to recalibrate how employers are thinking about recruitment, upskilling, and workplace support through a numerical lens. In line with this employee/employer focus, one of our partners, Autism Plus, have been dropping into workplaces

Inspiring Leaders – Jacky and Joe

Blog Careers Meet the Team news item RISE Thriving at Work

  Developing your leaders and managers in a way that supports your business is key to your success. Pro-Development work with managers and leaders to help them to develop their skills and confidence enabling them to become an inspiring and authentic leader. They offer a range of support, programmes, tools and techniques for people at

Apertures, City Maps & Budgeting- Up for Yorkshire on Jon’s Multiply Journey

Blog Mental Health multiply news item RISE

  Up for Yorkshire are one of our fantastic partners on the Multiply programme, and have been running a range of sessions across year 2 of provision to inspire numbers confidence and encourage participants to utilise their maths skills on the daily. From bushcraft to budgeting, to cooking, sewing, and photography geared sessions, the team are

Report Launch! A Qualitative Evaluation of Better Connect’s Thriving at Work: Workplace Support

Blog Disability Mental Health news item Research & Reports Thriving at Work

  Last week, we launched our in-house Thriving at Work report, and as part of the round-up, today we’re excited to launch our evaluative report on the 121 Workplace Support strand of the programme – read it here. Led by Dr Jane Suter, Dr Annie Irvine, and former TAW Programme Manager, Emma Lyons, this report

The Impact of Thriving at Work – Connecting The Dots Between Diversity and Inclusion

Blog Disability Mental Health news item Research & Reports Thriving at Work

  In June 2023, we said goodbye to our Thriving at Work (TAW) programme, a partnership programme which spanned more than two years and supported over eight hundred individuals in their journeys towards workplace wellbeing. Our partnership vision centred on creating more robust policies and practices surrounding diversity and inclusion, offered via a series of

Better Connections – Peer Support Session 3

Blog Meet the Team Mental Health news item RISE Wellbeing Resources

        On an icy January morning, a group of RISE partners braved the weather to meet in Selby for our third peer support meeting. Following on from the first two events, which focused mainly on open discussions amongst the keyworkers and intervention partners, we wanted to do something a little different for

Meet Ben, York Mind RISE Keyworker

Blog Meet the Team Mental Health news item RISE Wellbeing Resources

  Over the last few months, the RISE partnership welcomed keyworker Ben to York Mind, and he’s been keen to properly introduce himself to the partnership following our peer support networks and the rise of more cross-partner collaborations.  With  a diverse skill set, Ben has tried on a fair few hats in his career (including

Reflections, Resolutions, and a Happy New Year from Better Connect!

Action Towards Inclusion Blog Internal Meet the Team multiply news item RISE Thriving at Work

  Happy New Year from all of us here at Better Connect! Wondering what we’ve been up to over the last 365 days? With resolutions in full force, it’s only right that we share a few of our own after first recapping on some of our 2023 headliners, from programme closures to new launches, to

West Yorkshire Rise2Thrive Launch – Did you miss it?

Blog news item RISE Thriving at Work

  On Thursday 7th December, we ran a virtual launch for our new partnership offering Rise2Thrive West Yorkshire. If you missed out, check out the video below for information about Better Connect, what we do and how we do it and our vision for Rise2Thrive. If you are interested in applying, click here If you

Transformation, Empowerment and Social Change: Real Impact across Yorkshire

Action Towards Inclusion Blog Internal news item RISE Thriving at Work

  The Better Connect team are excited to officially launch our Impact Report! Back in July our Impact Team began the process of collaborating with Research Retold on bringing the impact of our projects, alongside our brand and story to life! We’re delighted to share the finished product with you (click below) Transformation, empowerment and

Better Connections – Peer Support Meeting Two

Blog Mental Health news item RISE

  A couple of weeks ago, Better Connect hosted the second Peer Support meeting for the RISE partnership. Held at the Wesley Centre in Harrogate (a known community-hub) it was a great second opportunity for our partners to network, trouble-shoot, and engage in a group art therapy session. With the Peer Support tool still in

New UKSPF Partnership Opportunity in West Yorkshire.. Apply now!

Blog news item RISE Thriving at Work

  We will be running an online event on the 7th December @ 9.30 to talk about Rise2Thrive and meet potential delivery partners, want to come along? Book online here  It’s an exciting time as we start to see the People & Skills funding opportunities under UKSPF for Year 3 (April 2024- March 25), which

Former ATI Participant ‘Sign with Sarah-Jade’ wins New Business of The Year Award 2023!

Action Towards Inclusion Blog news item RISE

  Today we’re celebrating Sarah-Jade, one of our former participants on ATI who has just gone on to win York Mix Radio’s New Business of The Year 2023 with her business ‘Sign with Sarah-Jade’! Sarah is a British Sign Language (BSL) teacher, who teaches a range of classes from babies to adults in York and

Better Connections- Wellbeing for Keyworkers

Blog Meet the Team Mental Health news item RISE Thriving at Work Wellbeing Resources

  This week, we’ve shared several posts covering the impact of our former Thriving at Work programme in honour of International Happiness at Work Week, and today, we’re spotlighting our keyworkers & partners as we begin to focus more heavily on supporting their happiness at work. After several discussions about keyworker challenges, the team came

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