Together we can make Yorkshire a place
where every person can thrive
in their life and work


Better Connect is a Knaresborough-based non-profit organisation that aims to create a Yorkshire where every person is empowered to thrive in their life and work.

Founded in 2007, we have an established track record of leading successful partnership projects and working with a wide range of locally based partners in the heart of communities.

We partner with organisations across all sectors, with a particular focus and specialism of supporting and strengthening organisations from the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector.

We believe that locally rooted organisations with a strong social mission who work in effective partnership with others have the biggest impact on individuals and communities. We exist to create those partnerships and unlock the potential of local organisations.

Meet Our Team

What we do

We exist to create Better Connections for people and organisations across Yorkshire. All our work contributes to our 3 strategic goals

Transform Lives

Transform Lives

We design and lead innovative partnership programmes that transform the lives of people across Yorkshire

Empower Partners

Empower Partners

We provide specialist support to partners to become more impactful, resilient and sustainable

Inspire Change

Inspire Change

We promote social inclusion as an essential part of creating vibrant, productive and prosperous communities

Current Opportunities

There are lots of ways you can get involved with Better Connect.
Why not explore our Current Opportunities to see which are the best fit for you?

Free Webinar Training Opportunities

Lunchtime Learning webinars are a great opportunity to learn about a range mental health and well being topics delivered in short bite sized sessions by presenters with real experience in their field.

Local Linking Events March 2022

Find out about our new networking events across York, North Yorkshire and the East Riding for Action Towards Inclusion and Thriving at Work coming in March 2022.


Free Workplace Support

Personalised in-work coaching and mentoring for people who are neurodiverse, disabled or experience mental health challenges.


Exciting Workplace Experiences

Do you know a young person who would like fantastic in work experience through our Kickstart project?

We have some great opportunities that are open for applications.

News and Updates

Stephen and Mick

Action Towards Inclusion news item

  It was great to catch up with Stephen and Mick recently.  Mick has been taking part in Action Towards Inclusion with support from Stephen  – his York Learning keyworker. They’ve been on quite a learning journey, having to deal with the challenges and changes due to COVID and other hurdles along the way. For

Local Linking Events

Action Towards Inclusion news item Thriving at Work

We are really pleased to announce a new round of Local Linking events across York, North Yorkshire and the East Riding as part of Action Towards Inclusion and Thriving at Work. These events are a great networking opportunity – allowing keyworkers, intervention partners, participants and others to get together and share expertise and experiences. For

Celebrating Kickstart

Kickstart news item Uncategorized

  We have been absolutely amazed to see how the Kickstart Programme has developed over the past year and feel very proud of what we have achieved as a collective through this programme. We launched Kickstart back in January with the goal to create a partnership of values-based organisations that are committed to creating meaningful

Celebrating Community Grants

ESF Community Grants news item Uncategorized

  Did you know Community Grants has been managed by Better Connect in North Yorkshire since 2008?!   We are now on ‘CG5’ which started in 2019 and will be finishing in 2022.  Throughout this time, we have supported many organisations across the local area to secure funding for projects to help improve people’s lives,

Celebrating Action Towards Inclusion

Action Towards Inclusion Uncategorized

  Better Connect and our ATI partners were delighted earlier this year to learn that we were successful in a second programme extension, taking our final end date to June 2023. Since we began delivering ATI a lifetime ago in early 2017, our partnership has achieved phenomenal results for individuals, moving people with many significant

Celebrating Thriving at Work

news item Thriving at Work Uncategorized

  The dream………to create inclusive, accessible and healthy workplaces that increase productivity and create and environment where all employees can thrive. Thriving at Work supports individuals, and organisations to improve their workplace practices, learn how to better support colleagues that may be struggling and provide 121 holistic provision where employees who are neurodiverse, have a

New Confidence and New Skills

ESF Community Grants news item

  “From the beginning of the course to the end we’ve seen some really lovely changes…” Rural Arts is based in Thirsk, North Yorkshire and have been funded by ESF Community Grants to offer creative arts sessions to help boost confidence and to teach new skills. This video introduces project manager Sorcha and recent participant

Supporting Employees Mental Health

news item Thriving at Work

A big thanks to Nick at York Mind for their recent webinar focusing on supporting people with their mental health.  If you would like to see the slides from the session they can be downloaded by following the link below. We are planning new sessions as part of Thriving at Work in the New Year

Understanding Sensory Overload

news item Thriving at Work

  A big thanks to Autism Plus for their recent webinar focusing on sensory overload.  If you would like to see the slides from the session they can be downloaded by following the link below. We are planning new sessions as part of Thriving at Work in the New Year so please check out the

If You Love What You Do…

Kickstart news item

  “If you Love What You Do You’ll Never Work a Day In Your Life…”   It was great to meet up with James who works as a Kickstart staff member for Sporting Force in Newton Aycliffe.   His life plans had to change due to redundancy and he has made an excellent fresh start with

Winter Wellbeing

news item Thriving at Work

  A big thanks to Nicola Gibbons from York Mind for sharing some valuable tips for winter wellbeing.  If you would like to attend one of our next webinars then please visit our booking page.  These sessions are free and funded as part of our Thriving at Work project. You can also download the resources

Talk Money Week – November 2021

Action Towards Inclusion Blog news item

  People in the UK don’t talk about their money enough. Despite the COVID-19 crisis affecting finances, 9 in 10 UK adults – that’s 47 million people – don’t find it any easier to talk about money, or don’t even discuss it at all.   We want to celebrate Talk Money Week and focus on

Managing Neurodivergent Staff – Webinar Resources

news item Thriving at Work

  We were really please to have Suzanne Eusman from Autism Plus share her insights into supporting staff who identify as autistic or nerodivergent. We’ve kept her presentation and you can download it below. There are lots of new Lunchtime Learning webinars and more in depth training planned so please check out the link below.

Five ways to improve your wellbeing

Blog Kickstart Mental Health

As part of my Kickstart Journey I was tasked with writing an article around Wellbeing. On researching the topic I found the NHS’s Five Ways To Wellbeing and I thought it would be useful to share my findings with you. Our emotional, psychological, and social well-being are all parts of our mental health which can

Neurodiversity Training

Blog Disability Thriving at Work

  This week Better Connect took part in Neurodiversity Awareness training through the ‘Diversity Training’ strand of Thriving at Work. Delivered by Suzanne Eusman at Autism Plus- one of our fantastic partners on both Thriving at Work (TAW) and Action Towards Inclusion  (ATI), the training was certainly invaluable.  We wanted to share some of the

Katie’s Kickstart Story

Kickstart news item

    “I’m 25 and I’ve got a job that I love.  It’s awesome…”   This short video features Katie –  a Kickstart staff member working for Pioneer Projects in North Yorkshire.  She’s been with the organisation for six months and has now had her employment contract extended. If you are an organisation that would

What is it like to be a Kickstart Employer?

Blog Kickstart news item

  Today we will be sharing some feedback from one of our employers on the Kickstart Programme. Selby District AVS are a registered charity that provides advice, support and information to enable Voluntary and Community Sector groups in Selby District to develop and thrive. They have offered 12 opportunities through the Kickstart programme. We asked

Balance in Leadership

Mental Health news item Thriving at Work Wellbeing Resources

    It was great to hear Sam our CEO talking and sharing about the importance of balance in leadership.  We are recording all the Thriving at Work webinars but you can book on these free events and find out more about the in depth training being offered as part of our exciting project. You

A Big Thanks to Nick…

Mental Health news item Thriving at Work Uncategorized Wellbeing Resources

    We want to say a big thank you to Nicola Gibbons from York Mind for kicking off our new series of lunchtime learning webinars  – funded as part of Thriving at Work. The session  – focusing on the importance of employee mental health – was really well received and we hope that it

New Community Grants Projects

Blog ESF Community Grants news item

  We have been managing ESF Community Grants, alongside Humber Learning Consortium, since 2008! It is our longest running programme at Better Connect and has funded projects for hundreds of different organisations across the years. With the funding for Community Grants drawing to a close next year, we would like to take some time to