Julie re-elected to CIMA Members in Practice Committee for second term!

Why Voice is Important

One of the 3 strategic goals of Better Connect is to Inspire Change. This involves promoting social inclusion as an essential part of creating vibrant, productive and prosperous communities.  

We aim to inspire change in 3 ways: 

  • Sharing participants stories – Through our projects, our partners have supported thousands of participants. We know that behind these big numbers, each person has their own individual story of how they have been supported to transform their lives. We are delighted that some of these people have chosen to share their stories with us. And now, we get to share those stories with you.  
  • Thinkpieces and blogs – Our staff and partners have a huge amount of knowledge on lots of issues regarding inclusion, diversity, wellbeing and employment. Some of this comes from their work and education and much of it comes from lived experience. We create and share blogs and thinkpieces written by our staff and partners to raise awareness and contribute positively to the conversation about these key issues.  
  • Representation – We are honoured to represent social inclusion issues and the voluntary and community sector in multiagency groups and policy formation. We do this by listening to our partners and participants and using our platforms to amplify their voices and perspectives. We connect policy makers with people on the ground to ensure that policies and funding have the greatest positive impact in communities.  

Julie re-elected to CIMA Members in Practice Committee for second term!

Action Towards Inclusion Internal Meet the Team news item

We are very excited to share that our amazing Head of Finance Julie Bickerdyke has been re-elected to CIMA Members in Practice Committee for a second term. We are so proud of her and asked her to share a little bit about her story and what this means to her..  “I am a CIMA qualified

Meet Natasha Babar-Evans Better Connects New CEO

Blog Careers Internal Meet the Team news item

  Today we welcome the fabulous Natasha Babar-Evans to Better Connect as our new CEO. We asked Natasha a couple of questions to help you (and us!) get to know her as she starts her new journey in leading the organisation.    So Natasha, tell us a little bit about yourself and what is important

Mental Health Awareness Week – “It is the relationship that you have with yourself that is the most important relationship you will ever have”

Blog Careers Internal Meet the Team Mental Health news item Thriving at Work Wellbeing Resources

  Mental Health Awareness Week is from the 9th – 15th May and this years key topic is loneliness. Today we hear from our Engagement Manager Hannah about what she has learnt from her experiences of loneliness.  “Loneliness can show up in life in many different ways, it can come from feeling the need to

Mental Health Awareness Week – “I always knew I was different and although I had a big group of amazing friends, I would still sometimes feel that sense of being alone in the world.”

Action Towards Inclusion Blog Internal Meet the Team news item Wellbeing Resources

  As part of Mental Health Awareness Week we spoke to Joe, Programmes Manager on Action Towards Inclusion, about his experiences of loneliness and what it looks like across our programmes..   “Feeling alone sometimes is part of the human condition. Everyone will experience some feelings of isolation in their lifetimes. Even people who we

Local Linking Reflections – What will be the impact of the Action Towards Inclusion programme ending?

Action Towards Inclusion Blog news item

In March we ran a series of Local Linking Events. These events were an opportunity for people who are involved or interested in the Action Towards Inclusion or Thriving at Work programmes to come together, network and discuss important problems or issues that they may be faced with. One of the key issues that was

A Farewell from Sam and Introducing our New CEO…

Action Towards Inclusion Blog Careers Internal Meet the Team news item Thriving at Work

  Today we say goodbye to our amazing CEO Sam Alexander. Sam has worked for Better Connect for thirteen years, taking over as CEO six years ago. Sam has created an inclusive, positive and exciting place to work for all of the staff here. We will miss her greatly, but know that it is time

Emergency First Aid, Neurodiversity Awareness and Mental Health First Aid Training Available

Thriving at Work

  Are you looking to upskill your team? Or do you have a particular staff member that is interested in learning more about topics such as emergency first aid, neurodiversity awareness or mental health first aid? The below courses are fully funded by the European Social Fund and Local Authorities so they will be no

Catching up with Autism Plus and The Blue Dolphin Holiday Park

Blog news item Thriving at Work

  You may remember back in September we shared an amazing story about The Blue Dolphin Holiday Park, an employer that has worked with Autism Plus through the Thriving at Work programme to support some of their staff members that have autism. Autism Plus worked with the employer to make adjustments in the way they work

Reflections on the Local Linking Events so far

Action Towards Inclusion Blog news item Thriving at Work

We have been out on the road again in North Yorkshire! It has felt so good to see people face to face again, to talk in person about real issues our communities are facing and visit amazing local venue’s sampling lots of varied delicious lunch menu’s. Our Local Linking Events are for anyone wanting to

“The essence of working at Better Connect is that we really do enjoy working with each other!”

Action Towards Inclusion Blog Careers ESF Community Grants Internal Meet the Team news item

  Today we get to meet Alex and Julie and hear about their experience of working at Better Connect and why they enjoy what they do! We loved talking to these two as its clear that we are not only passionate about what we do at Better Connect but we have fun doing it! For

Meet our new Data and Analytics Manager.. Jacky!

Action Towards Inclusion Blog Careers Meet the Team news item

  I joined the Better Connect family in November 2020 after being made redundant from my previous company. When I was made redundant, it was during a difficult time of lockdowns and a lot of people in my position looking for work. This was a time filled with uncertainty and I was naturally feeling a

Could you be our next Business Support Manager?

Blog Careers Meet the Team news item

  On Friday 25th February we launched our search for a new Business Support Manager to take over the role for the next 12 months whilst Debs is on maternity leave. The Business Support Manager role has been transformational to the way Better Connect operates on a day to day basis. This role was created