A Big Thanks to Nick…

Why Voice is Important

One of the 3 strategic goals of Better Connect is to Inspire Change. This involves promoting social inclusion as an essential part of creating vibrant, productive and prosperous communities.  

We aim to inspire change in 3 ways: 

  • Sharing participants stories – Through our projects, our partners have supported thousands of participants. We know that behind these big numbers, each person has their own individual story of how they have been supported to transform their lives. We are delighted that some of these people have chosen to share their stories with us. And now, we get to share those stories with you.  
  • Thinkpieces and blogs – Our staff and partners have a huge amount of knowledge on lots of issues regarding inclusion, diversity, wellbeing and employment. Some of this comes from their work and education and much of it comes from lived experience. We create and share blogs and thinkpieces written by our staff and partners to raise awareness and contribute positively to the conversation about these key issues.  
  • Representation – We are honoured to represent social inclusion issues and the voluntary and community sector in multiagency groups and policy formation. We do this by listening to our partners and participants and using our platforms to amplify their voices and perspectives. We connect policy makers with people on the ground to ensure that policies and funding have the greatest positive impact in communities.  

A Big Thanks to Nick…

Mental Health news item Thriving at Work Uncategorized Wellbeing Resources

    We want to say a big thank you to Nicola Gibbons from York Mind for kicking off our new series of lunchtime learning webinars  – funded as part of Thriving at Work. The session  – focusing on the importance of employee mental health – was really well received and we hope that it

New Community Grants Projects

Blog ESF Community Grants news item

  We have been managing ESF Community Grants, alongside Humber Learning Consortium, since 2008! It is our longest running programme at Better Connect and has funded projects for hundreds of different organisations across the years. With the funding for Community Grants drawing to a close next year, we would like to take some time to

Helping People Thrive at Work – Autism Plus

news item Thriving at Work

  Do you have neurodiverse or autistic staff members? We all want to support our staff members to thrive in their workplaces. However, if your staff members are neurodiverse or autistic it may be more challenging to create environments to help them to do that. Today’s story is about some of the lovely staff at

Lunchtime Learning – Webinars for Busy Employers

Mental Health news item Thriving at Work Uncategorized Wellbeing Resources

  Thriving at Work offers an exciting new range of bite-sized webinars on staff wellbeing, inclusion and neurodiversity. We’ll be touching on subjects such as: Encouraging Diversity Inclusivity in the Workplace Mental Health Supporting staff who are Neurodiverse Workplace wellbeing   The first lunchtime sessions are now available and we’ll be adding more as the

Kickstart Opportunities Available

Kickstart news item

  Do you know someone 18-24 and claiming universal credit? Would this person like the opportunity to take on a paid placement for 6 months within a fantastic organisation?   We have a range of exciting Kickstart opportunities that have not yet been filled by young people! All employers that are approved through our gateway

Hybrid working: how we opened the offices

Blog news item

  Reopening the office?  Returning to the office?  Getting back to normal? Whichever term you prefer, figuring out how your organisation will work now that we’re allowed back into offices can seem a daunting task.  If you are still wary of how you might reopen your office, perhaps our story can lend you some confidence.

Could you be one of our new Directors?

Blog Careers news item

  Become a Director of Better Connect We are excited to be seeking additional Directors to add value to an already vibrant and effective Board.  This is a great time to join our Board, as we continue to develop following the successful launch of our new name and new brand in July 2021. The deadline

Young People Feedback on the Kickstart Programme

Blog Kickstart news item

  “It’s the best job I’ve ever had!”, “I’m loving it!” was just some of the amazingly positive feedback we have received from Kickstart young people about their current placements. As the Kickstart Assistant at Better Connect one of my first tasks was to introduce myself to all the young people that were currently in

“The work I’m doing on Kickstart is helping me feel confident in myself and my own decisions which is changing me for the better”

Blog Careers Kickstart Meet the Team news item

I never thought I would be involved in Kickstart; however, it has taken over my life in the best way! At the start of the pandemic, I had to come home to finish of my degree online following this time I found myself on universal credit and working a low hour’s part time job. This

“When I started on my Kickstart placement, I wasn’t expecting the support I have received, it has been amazing!”

Blog Careers Kickstart Meet the Team news item

The last 18 months have been different for everyone. People have lost their jobs, had mental health challenges, and being stuck in all-round hard situations! There has been some good that has come from this time too. My story began before the pandemic. For three years I worked in a retail job part time while

Interview Top Tips for Kickstarters

Blog Careers Kickstart news item

    The truth is all employers will be looking for something different when they are interviewing candidates for a job. It depends on many factors such as the job role itself, our own personal preferences, the ‘idea’ of the sort of person we may want, the organisations values and many many more things! Now

Stress Busting Strategies

Blog Mental Health news item Wellbeing Resources

  We all know the feeling of stress at work now and then. I absolutely love my job, but I’m no stranger to the pressure you can feel when there’s deadlines looming and just not quite enough hours in the day to check every last email… That being said, I’ve found it’s really important to