New Community Grants Projects

New Community Grants Projects


We have been managing ESF Community Grants, alongside Humber Learning Consortium, since 2008! It is our longest running programme at Better Connect and has funded projects for hundreds of different organisations across the years.

With the funding for Community Grants drawing to a close next year, we would like to take some time to celebrate some of the projects that we are currently funding. Today we will introduce our three newest partners on the programme!


Based in Thirsk, Community Works supports people in North Yorkshire to connect with and contribute to their local community by providing opportunities for them to improve their economic, health and social wellbeing.

Their Project

Community Works will be delivering the ‘Key to Success’ Programme. This is a personal development programme with a blended learning approach, using a mixture of face to face, online and independent learning. The project will focus on the learners strengths and will help them to develop a better understanding of themselves and address any barriers that are stopping them from gaining meaningful employment. The project will also offer training sessions that are relevant to all workplaces such as mental health first aid, emergency first aid, health and safety in the workplace and much more.

To find out more about Community Works and see what they offer:

Community Works



Project: WILD CIC is a not-for-profit social enterprise dedicated to addressing declining biodiversity and increased mental illness in all people. They are passionate about improving the environment, wellbeing and future prospects for all.

Their Project  

Project WILD will be delivering a project aimed around the theme of ‘building a sustainable life’. It will focus on creating a toolkit to help manage the individuals own wellbeing and developing transferable skills that will be useful both inside and outside of the workplace.

The course will cover topics like budgeting and money management, mental health awareness, sustainability and the environment, health, cooking and nutrition. Learners will gain an understanding of how they can operate in a more sustainable way and how making sustainable choices can improve mental health, financial situations and opportunities.

To find out more about Project: WILD CIC and see what they offer visit:



Training for Employment is a not-for-profit Social Enterprise that offers self-employment workshops to individuals across Selby, North and West Yorkshire. They focus on delivering to small groups and offering friendly and personalised support that aim to move people closer to their goals of employment, self employment or job seeking.

Their Project

The ‘Zoom into Self-Employment’ project aims to move people closer to achieving their self employment dreams.

Working both with small groups via zoom and on a one to one basis the course covers topics such as how to write a business plan, budgeting and finance, marketing and social media, taxation, VAT, legal requirements and much more!

It is an opportunity to explore the learners business idea’s and get creative about their future potential.

For more information on Training for Employment and what they do:

Training for Employment

We are excited to work with these partners and hear about their projects! Good luck all!


If you are interested in learning more about Community Grants and how to apply visit here…

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