Celebrating Community Grants

Celebrating Community Grants


Did you know Community Grants has been managed by Better Connect in North Yorkshire since 2008?!


We are now on ‘CG5’ which started in 2019 and will be finishing in 2022. 

Throughout this time, we have supported many organisations across the local area to secure funding for projects to help improve people’s lives, wellbeing, and position within the labour market.

We have built many well-established relationships with partners through this funding and continue to work together across newer funding streams too.

Hannah stepped into the Programmes Manager role on this funding in March 2020, just before the coronavirus pandemic started. This has been an extremely challenging time for all with many projects feeling the impact of the pandemic even now.

As time goes on, we are starting to see increases in the number of referrals being made and project delivery is underway again. We wanted to share some of the statistics from the last few years on CG5 and celebrate all of the hard work from our partners, learners, and the teams at Better Connect and Humber Learning Consortium on this project.



We want to thank everyone for your hard work on this project, for your determination to support people through these difficult times and your patience when things have been tough.

We hope to continue to work with you all in the future on new funding pots!

For more information about ESF Community Grants please follow the link below.

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Hannah Prole

Post by Hannah Prole

Programmes Manager

Hannah is a Programmes Manager at Better Connect. She is passionate about creating programmes and environments that feel positive for people to work in. She loves building strong relationships with partners and meeting new people. Hannah enjoys being creative and making ‘sparkly’ presentations and case study videos with the Marketing Team. Hannah loves working for Better Connect because she gets to have variety in her role and appreciates the positive culture and focus on wellbeing.

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