Young People Feedback on the Kickstart Programme

Young People Feedback on the Kickstart Programme


“It’s the best job I’ve ever had!”, “I’m loving it!” was just some of the amazingly positive feedback we have received from Kickstart young people about their current placements.

As the Kickstart Assistant at Better Connect one of my first tasks was to introduce myself to all the young people that were currently in Kickstart placements. I had a set list of questions that I wanted to ask to find out how all the young people were getting on.

Speaking to the young people on the programme allowed me the opportunity to learn more about the different jobs that the Kickstart programme offered and how others were finding them. All the calls were unique due to the different work available and stages the young people were at in their placement.

When I asked what the young people were enjoying most about their opportunities, we had a range of responses..


It was great to hear about all the things that the young people were enjoying but we did also have some discussions about their concerns. The government pays minimum wage for the young persons wage for the Kickstart scheme. There were some comments that this does not feel like enough and also some concerns raised around what happens after the end of the six month placement.

Better Connect will work with employers to make sure that if jobs cannot be offered at the end of the six month placement, young people are supported to move onto their next opportunity. Whether that is a job, further education or training. Employers are committed to providing supportive placements and offering that additional level of support to make sure that young people thrive in whatever their next steps are!

Overall the conversations were extremely positive and it was great to meet everybody! I’m looking forward to seeing where your Kickstart journey takes you.

Emily Lain

Post by Emily Lain

Finance and Audit Coordinator

Emily is one of the Finance and Audit Co-ordinators for Better Connect. She started this role in January 2022 after finishing her time on her Kickstart role . Her responsibilities now include checking financial claims and Audit Work. The best parts about the job are the welcoming environment created by everyone and knowing that what I’m doing is helping to make a difference in people’s lives.

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