“We all want to see each other win” – Joe shares his experience of working at Better Connect

“We all want to see each other win” – Joe shares his experience of working at Better Connect

Better Connect is a uniquely wonderful place to work.


I joined the team in 2017, way back when we were still called Your Consortium. From day one, I could tell this was a very special and unique place to work. It proved to be a fantastically stark contrast with my former workplaces.

Before I came onboard this team, I’d worked in 2 other full time positions, neither of which really fulfilled my hopes and ambitions as a young person fresh out of uni. I did learn a lot, enjoyed elements of these posts, and met some lovely people along the way, but it wasn’t nearly as good as what I’ve had with Better Connect.

The big thing that came across right from the start was the brilliant culture Sam and the team have created over the years (which we continue to live and breathe now). There was an immediate and refreshing sense of friendliness from everyone. I never once felt like I was being strictly monitored, micro-managed or that I would get in trouble for making a mistake. Our staff are thoroughly supported, encouraged and always give and receive super helpful feedback, because we all want to see each other win. However, everyone is challenged to achieve their full potential – you’ll always be encouraged to keep moving out of your comfort zone, so you can become more and more competent and confident in everything you do.

Coming into the voluntary sector for the first time, I couldn’t have chosen a better company to start this new chapter in my story. I get to work with incredible colleagues and partners and every single day you learn something new. We are extremely ambitious for a small organisation too – our team has never numbered more than about 20 people, yet we consistently deliver incredible results across several wide-scale charity programmes, supporting thousands of people to have better lives over many years. Getting to contribute to this, and seeing the projects’ success stories that come out the other side, has filled me with a kind of pride I’ve never felt in my work before.

I have also been fortunate to be promoted within Better Connect! After my initial years as a Programme Coordinator, building up experience with claims, paperwork and administration, I was then offered further development and training to help me accomplish my long-term dream of being a manager. Now, as a Programme Manager, I get to support the partners in a whole new capacity, and collaborate with a management team, who work in neat synergy to drive a hugely successful strategy for our company’s success.

I’m hugely enthusiastic for what 2022, and the years beyond, will bring us. We are now lined up to grow our audience, access thrilling new upcoming opportunities and fulfil our destiny to create massive change for a better world.

If you’re thinking of joining us as our new leader, there isn’t a better company to join, nor could there be a better time than this.

For more information about the opportunities available at Better Connect visit our careers page – www.betterconnect.org.uk/careers/

Joe McKenzie

Post by Joe McKenzie

Programmes Manager

Joe is a Programme Manager on Action Towards Inclusion. He manages the performance of partners on the programme to achieve project targets and ensure high quality delivery. He most enjoys motivating, challenging and supporting partners to do their incredible work with their participants.

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