“The essence of working at Better Connect is that we really do enjoy working with each other!”

“The essence of working at Better Connect is that we really do enjoy working with each other!”


Today we get to meet Alex and Julie and hear about their experience of working at Better Connect and why they enjoy what they do! We loved talking to these two as its clear that we are not only passionate about what we do at Better Connect but we have fun doing it!

For those of you that have never met Alex or Julie here’s a bit about them..

A bit about Alex

Alex is the Head of Programmes at Better Connect, overseeing the amazing programmes that we manage within the team.  Leading and supporting the Programmes Team, Alex’s role has a strong focus on development.  This includes developing staff, systems, processes and relationships with delivery partners, funders and stakeholders. All to ensure that Better Connect programmes are successful, achieve their aims and ultimately transform people’s lives.  Alex is also part of the Senior Management Team contributing to the smooth and efficient running of the company.  The best bit of his job is seeing the life-changing impact that programmes have on staff and participants.

A bit about Julie 

Julie is the Finance and Audit Manager for our Action Towards Inclusion programme, so is responsible for ensuring the programme operates compliantly within all the EU regulations. She particularly loves the nitty gritty detail and finding solutions to help smooth out any issues. The best thing about working here is the fabulous team of people and the genuine culture of nurture and support.



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Hannah Prole

Post by Hannah Prole

Impact Manager

Hannah is our Impact Manager at Better Connect. Her role is to show the impact that Better Connect and our programmes are making in many different ways such as through social media, our website, networking, events and presentations. Hannah is passionate about creating positive environments that people feel safe to be themselves in, especially at work. She loves building strong relationships with partners, meeting new people and really getting to know why people are the way they are and why they do what they do!

Hannah loves being creative and getting into ‘flow’ with her work. She loves making things and being involved in the creative process. Hannah loves working for Better Connect because she gets to have variety in her role and appreciates the positive culture and focus on wellbeing.

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