Multiply – Celebrating Year One!

Multiply – Celebrating Year One!


On Friday 31st March we held an event at Priory Street in York to celebrate our first year of Multiply! You may be thinking.. but you’ve just launched this programme? Well our amazing partnership had only 3 months to deliver on their targets from the date we received the funding in December and we are pleased to announce we are now moving into Year Two, with new organisations added to the partnership and an exciting plan ahead to reach new heights through the Multiply programme!

So what have we achieved?

  • 12 delivery partners across York and North Yorkshire (8 districts in total!) delivering Multiply provision and raising awareness around the importance of numeracy skills
  • 453 participants engaged across the programme
  • over 250 employers engaged through events, provision and raising awareness

What has been covered through multiply?

Multiply provision covers a broad range of topics such as budgeting, managing money, household bills, finances, supporting children with homework, debt and calories and food. As well as wellbeing activities such as photography, nature walks, mental health and crafting!

Our partners have a wide range of expertise which allows them to support their participants in a way that is holistic and person-centred.

Who are we working with through Multiply?

According to our Multiply data we are supporting a wide range of individuals through this programme. All with their own individual set of barriers and challenges in numeracy.

Out of the individuals that have engaged with multiply..

  • Only 20% of individuals have a GCSE in English
  • 22% are in employment
  • 47% declare a disability or work limiting health condition
  • 43% declare experiencing Mental Health challenges
  • 41% live in jobless households



Welcoming New Partners for Year Two

We are pleased to announce that we will be welcoming seven new partners to the partnership for Year Two!

  • Age UK Yorkshire Coast & Moors
  • Autism Plus
  • Coterminous
  • Orb Community Enterprise
  • The Rainbow Centre/Animated Objects
  • Working for Health

20 organisations delivering amazing Multiply provision across York and North Yorkshire, We can’t wait to see what we achieve in Year Two!

Hannah Prole

Post by Hannah Prole

Impact Manager

Hannah is our Impact Manager at Better Connect. Her role is to show the impact that Better Connect and our programmes are making in many different ways such as through social media, our website, networking, events and presentations. Hannah is passionate about creating positive environments that people feel safe to be themselves in, especially at work. She loves building strong relationships with partners, meeting new people and really getting to know why people are the way they are and why they do what they do!

Hannah loves being creative and getting into ‘flow’ with her work. She loves making things and being involved in the creative process. Hannah loves working for Better Connect because she gets to have variety in her role and appreciates the positive culture and focus on wellbeing.

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