Could you be our next Business Support Manager?

Could you be our next Business Support Manager?


On Friday 25th February we launched our search for a new Business Support Manager to take over the role for the next 12 months whilst Debs is on maternity leave.

The Business Support Manager role has been transformational to the way Better Connect operates on a day to day basis. This role was created in 2021 and has been carried out by Debs for the past year. This is an extremely varied role with each day being different. We spoke to Debs about what sort of person may be good at this role and the qualities they may need to have.

So are you…

Organised – can you manage a task list that is full of things that seemingly need to be done at the same time?  There is an art to keeping those big projects moving forwards (like the one where all the policies are reviewed and updated!) whilst keeping on top of the smaller but important work before it becomes urgent.

Person-centred – do you understand how different people might respond differently to the environment around them?  Understanding how other people like to work, and what is important to them, can make it much easier to keep the organisation running smoothly.  Whether that’s trying to get HR information back from everyone, or just make sure that the Senior Management Team have prepared for the meeting you have all been planning for weeks.  You’ll know who responds well to email reminders, who needs a phone call, and who thrives off doing it all last minute!  You will factor this into how you work with each individual and how you plan your workload.

Engaging – can you communicate information in a clear and engaging way for different audiences?  Some days you could be crafting the internal newsletter for staff and the Board, on others you could be presenting to colleagues at a Team Day.  You could be supporting candidates for a job vacancy to understand a task we have set them, or writing a job advert that will attract a diverse range of applicants.  You will know when sector-specific terminology is appropriate, and when you need to use more accessible language.  You can present with confidence and keep your audience engaged.

Decisive – do you understand the bigger picture and consider a range of views and arguments when making decisions?  Equally importantly, do you make decisions?!  Whether you are gathering information for senior managers to make a decision or determining a course of action yourself, this role influences things that can affect staff, have legal implications for the organisation, and impact upon our reputation.  It’s important to have as much information as possible, but you’ll also be someone who can make sense of the information and make a decision whilst understanding it’s implications.

If so, this role could possibly be for you! Watch the video below to find out more about the Business Support Manager role and meet Debs!



If you feel you may be interested in the Business Support Manager role check out our careers page –

Hannah Prole

Post by Hannah Prole

Engagement Manager

Hannah is our Engagement Manager at Better Connect. Her role is to create engagement and connection with people in many different ways such as through social media, our website, networking, events and presentations. Hannah is passionate about creating positive environments that people feel safe to be themselves in, especially at work. She loves building strong relationships with partners, meeting new people and really getting to know why people are the way they are and why they do what they do!

Hannah loves being creative and getting into ‘flow’ with her work. She loves making things and being involved in the creative process. Hannah loves working for Better Connect because she gets to have variety in her role and appreciates the positive culture and focus on wellbeing.

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