Celebrating Thriving at Work

Celebrating Thriving at Work


The dream………to create inclusive, accessible and healthy workplaces that increase productivity and create and environment where all employees can thrive.

Thriving at Work supports individuals, and organisations to improve their workplace practices, learn how to better support colleagues that may be struggling and provide 121 holistic provision where employees who are neurodiverse, have a disability or work limiting health condition or are experiencing mental health challenges.
We officially launched the project in April 2021 and already we are starting to see the real benefits of this project.



To all the delivery partners in the Thriving at Work partnership, YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!!!! We can already see and evidence the positive impact this project is making to individuals and organisations who access the Thriving at Work provision.

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication over the last year, we can’t wait to continue working with you and really see the importance and impact that this project could have.

For more information about Thriving at Work please follow the link below.

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Emma Lyons

Post by Emma Lyons

Programmes Manager

Emma is the Programmes Manager for Thriving at Work, a project that helps employees and Small & Medium sized Enterprises thrive in the workplace. She works closely with the delivery partners, offering support and working with them to ensure that the project is successful.

The best part of her job is working with amazing colleagues and delivery partners and contributing to projects that help individuals to thrive.

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