Celebrating Kickstart

Celebrating Kickstart


We have been absolutely amazed to see how the Kickstart Programme has developed over the past year and feel very proud of what we have achieved as a collective through this programme.

We launched Kickstart back in January with the goal to create a partnership of values-based organisations that are committed to creating meaningful and inclusive placements for young people of all backgrounds.


We wanted to share some feedback we have received from those taking part in the programme…

‘I’m loving it, I’m so happy. I think it was meant to be’

Jamie, Kickstart young person at Coast Tuition


‘The programme has been a real positive experience for us so far. Joseph, our IT Support Assistant, joined us through the scheme and has been amazing, he was shy to start with but has really come out of his shell. He is keen to learn and develop his skills and is a great addition to our team, to a much-needed role.’

Learning Partnerships, Kickstart Employer


‘This gets you into your next career and if you get kept on it could be your career for the rest of your life and if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life’

James, Kickstart Young Person at Sporting Force

‘Widening the age range of the organisation has also been very positive, bringing different perspectives and understanding. For our younger service users (18–25-year-olds) having a member of staff of a similar age has been a positive experience. It can offer a better understanding of some of the pressures facing young people today, whilst hopefully making the organisation feel like a place where young people are welcome and can play an active part in the Orb Community.’

Orb Community Arts, Kickstart Employer

We are so excited to share more Kickstart stories next year – Thank you to all involved!

For more information about Kickstart please follow the link below.


More Kickstart Information Here

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