Helping People Thrive at Work – Autism Plus

Helping People Thrive at Work – Autism Plus


Do you have neurodiverse or autistic staff members?

We all want to support our staff members to thrive in their workplaces. However, if your staff members are neurodiverse or autistic it may be more challenging to create environments to help them to do that.

Today’s story is about some of the lovely staff at The Blue Dolphin Holiday Park. Angela contacted Thriving at Work partner Autism Plus as she had neurodiverse team members and wanted to make sure that she was supporting them as best as she could.

We hear about some of the adjustments that the team have made to routines, tasks, and recruitment to make it more accessible for neurodiverse people.


“It was just time, one-to-one, and she’s a pleasure to work with. An absolute pleasure to have on board. “


If you are interested in finding more about Thriving at Work and how to get involved visit the programme page  here…

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